Pre-K to Get Ready For Kindergarten

525_Prek_trainsOur Pre-K program is a center-based plan with developmentally appropriate activities. We provide for the whole child including social, emotional, spiritual and academic needs.

We provide challenging, open-ended activities that encourage children to think. We have an integrated curriculum which includes reading to foster a love for the written word, counting and sequencing to foster a love for numbers, being social and learning to be a community to foster love and respect for one another. Our age appropriate activities are designed to introduce and strengthen cognitive and social skills.

Our Pre-K graduates are ready for Kindergarten.

Pre-K Daily Schedule Includes:

  • Prayer and Good Morning Message
  • Circle Time Activities including:  calendar, weather, pick a poem, number bear
  • Center Activities including:  block building, sand table, doll house, kitchen, drawing525_PreK_blocks
  • Curriculum enrichment including:  a lesson from one of the major areas of Math, Literacy, Handwriting, and Science
  • Literacy Enrichment including:  reading readiness activities, alphabet and letter/sound associations,  journaling, etc.
  • Art Classes, SmartBoard Story Time, Music and Movement, and Physical Education, Religion Lessons

Pre-K Schedules:

  • 3 half days per week
  • 3 full days per week
  • 5 full days per week

Limited openings still available.  Contact the office for more information at (781) 438-2593 or via email at